Eat2Gather Chinese theeceremonie Amsterdam

Chinese Tea Ceremony

price from €30,- p.p.

minimum 10 persons

Experience a centuries-old tea ritual

Almost four centuries ago the first tea arrived in our country by ship in the Chinese district of Amsterdam. Taste the history at one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam, where you will experience a very special way of drinking tea. This almost three thousand year old tea ritual is a unique and peaceful way to evaluate for instance group processes within the company. The tea ceremonies are organized on a beautiful location in Amsterdam but can also take place at a location of your choice.

Eat2Gather Chinese theeceremonie Amsterdam

Tip: Many of our clients combine the Chinese tea ceremony with our Culinary World Tour or extend it with an Asian dinner in Amsterdam. We would love to tell you more about that, so just contact us about the possibilities.


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    What our clients say about this Culinary Experience

    'We thought the combination of a Chinese tea ceremony and a brainstorming session was very positive. Because we started with the tea ceremony, the group winded down after a day of work and we noticed that everyone could brainstorm and share their ideas much more openly.'




    'Yesterday we attended the Chinese tea ceremony. It was again fantastic. My guests were very impressed. It’s the second time that I have done this and for me, it won't be the last.'


    Senior Analyst Market Operations


    'The feedback I received from the participants was that the Chinese tea ceremonies were an addition to the film program. Thank you very much!'



    Producer IDFA

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