Eat2Gather barbecue of bbq workshop

BBQ Workshop

price from €69,- p.p.

minimum 15 persons

Heads up to all grillmasters!

What could be more fun than a barbecue with friends or colleagues on a beautiful summer day? Eat2Gather can completely take care of the organization and catering for you. At a location of your choice, we will serve mouth watering barbecue dishes such as lamb racks, marinated prawns, juicy steaks and of course all kinds of side dishes such as grilled vegetables, salads and pasta.

Eat2Gather barbecue of bbq workshop

Feel like getting behind the grill yourself? Then become a real Grillmaster and book a barbecue workshop at Eat2Gather. Under the guidance of a real BBQ expert you will learn how to prepare all kinds of delicious dishes fit for the BBQ, obviously using fresh products and high quality ingredients.


Tip: For a successful barbecue, make sure to serve excellent, robust wines. Contact us for our wine arrangements.

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    What our clients say about this Culinary Experience

    'Our corporate BBQ was a great success this year thanks to the delicious food! Eat2Gather did a great job with the catering. Finally no pre-packaged burgers and fatty sausages, but delicious lamb, bavette, Scottish salmon and spicy marinated chicken skewers with freshly prepared sauces. Definitely recommended for those who really enjoy good food in a relaxed setting!'



    Consultant at TNO

    Our team was growing rapidly and with many new faces, we thought it was the right time to get to know each other better. Karien from Eat2Gather organized this BBQ workshop in Amsterdam for us. In teams we started preparing the dishes. You immediately saw a division of people who felt a bit uncomfortable cooking and others who actually felt at home during cooking”. After an hour of active work in the kitchen, the moment everyone was waiting for arrived: the barbecue was turned on and the various dishes could be eaten. “There was a lot of choice and it tasted delicious! Our team really got to know each other better during this workshop.


    Roy van Rijn

    Alfa accountants

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