Eat2Gather culinaire outdoordag in het bos Baarn

Building Kitchens and Cooking Outdoors

price from €89,- p.p.

minimum 10 persons

Culinary outdoor cooking

This outdoor package is suitable for every company that’s up for a challenge! First, you will work with your colleagues to build a kitchen in the forest in Baarn, where you use materials such as wooden poles, rope and some basic kitchen elements. Then you’ll walk past the Eat2Gather market stall where fresh ingredients are displayed and you brainstorm with your colleagues which dishes you will prepare. Fill your baskets and start cooking together in your self-made kitchens and afterward you take place at a cozy campfire to taste each other’s culinary delights. During this package, you will notice that everyone has his or her own qualities. Who will get started with building, and who will be cooking?

Eat2Gather culinaire outdoordag in het bos Baarn

Tip: In addition, you can combine this arrangement with a wild picking walk. Together with your colleagues, you can enjoy the forest in Baarn for a whole day and also cook with wild-harvested products. We can also deepen this team building activity with a team coach who will work with your group. Request a customized quote for this cool group activity.


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    What our clients say about this Culinary Experience

    'Full of excitement we cycled to Baarn in our sporty clothes. Arriving at the location Karien was waiting for us full of enthusiasm. Everybody was a bit tense at first, but that afternoon we built kitchens and found out we could accomplish so much more than we thought. When the kitchens were finished we could start cooking the delicious recipes. Erik, the accompanying chef, gave an explanation about a using a mandolin and sharp knives etc. Afterwards, we enjoyed our dinner around the campfire, that was so good. Thanks, Karien, Erik and Hilde.'



    Titus Brandsmaschool Hilversum

    B Lab Europe had a fantastic experience collaborating with Eat2Gather. The outdoor kitchen building and wild walk activities were perfectly organised and executed with professionalism and enthusiasm. From the moment we arrived, the friendly and energetic staff made us feel welcome and supported throughout the day. The organisation was impeccable and the people involved were truly fantastic, making the day memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment and would eagerly participate in similar activities in the future. Thank you to Eat2Gather for facilitating such a wonderful and memorable team-building experience. Warmly,



    B Lab

    "We have already received reactions via the app, and only positive! Anthology from the comments: Top party, beautiful party, warm family, worth repeating, what enthusiasm and fun. Everyone at Eat2Gather was nice, helpful and professional, I have enjoyed it and all COB-ers were completely unburdened yesterday, that does not happen often. "




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